Owner services

Brokerage. Integrated property management

  • assessment of the potential profitability of the premises as a rental business object
  • offering an optimal pricing policy
  • professional object portfolio
  • work with agents, local sites and message boards
  • search for reliable and solvent tenants
  • preparation of the object for renting, including cleaning and minor repairs
  • decoration recommendations, including selection of furniture and interior details
  • engineering recommendations
  • coordination of potential tenants with the owner of the premises (at a meeting or by video link)

Control over the fulfillment of the lessee’s financial obligations

  • receiving rental payments on time strictly according to the agreement
  • management reporting and company reporting on a monthly basis
  • utility and condominium bills for your object — to your mail or messenger

After-sales support of the object

  • real estate condition monitoring
  • tracking the safety of property
  • involvement of specialists for the prompt solution of minor repair problems
  • assistance in the selection of domestic staff (maid, driver, gardener)
  • photo report to your mail or messenger — once every three months