In most European countries, the purchase of real estate by a foreign citizen does not provide the right to obtain a residence permit. Nevertheless, the ownership of the property can serve as a preference in deciding whether to grant a residence permit.

Europe-House and our consulting partners will help you to correctly use the acquired asset for obtaining a residence permit in many European countries.

In some European countries, the programs «Residence permit or passport in exchange for investment» continue to operate. Europe-House specialists will provide comprehensive information on this issue.

Main methods of obtaining

  • Residence permit when buying real estate

To become the owner of the cherished document, many wealthy people choose this option because they consider it quite convenient and win-win.

We will give you access to our proven investment properties in different price ranges: from cozy intimate apartments to luxurious luxury villas. All objects are carefully checked by Europe-House specialists. We will confidently offer them to our clients as investment options and for living, we will offer access to closed databases of properties that are not represented on the mass market, and are offered as an exclusive for the most demanding and selective clients. Our priority is to achieve the best price / quality ratio. The legal department of the company strictly monitors compliance with all regulatory requirements and carefully monitors all stages of the immigration process.

  • Residence permit through investment in government securities, business emigration

One of the advantages of the participation of our compatriots in such an investment program is that the government prepares all documents for a residence permit according to a simplified scheme and as soon as possible.

Not all European countries are waiting for immigrants with open arms. First of all, this concerns the most developed and stable states, such as the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Luxembourg and Great Britain.

However, there are a number of countries that offer fairly good programs for obtaining a residence permit for foreigners. These are Spain, Portugal, Greece and Hungary. The programs are suitable for financially independent people, since according to the conditions it will be necessary to carry out an investment in the amount of 350,000 euros or more.

  • Residence permit by marriage with a resident

An indispensable condition is the reality of a concluded marriage and cohabitation; in this case, you should not rely on a fictitious marriage.

  • Residence permit through the conclusion of a work contract

The legal bases providing for the possibility of immigration to the EU countries on the basis of a work contract are different in each EU country.

This is one of the most difficult and time-consuming methods, optimally suitable for highly qualified specialists in the field of physics, energy, IT-technologies, auditing and a number of other specialties in demand for the EU states. A work permit under an employment contract can be issued for a period not exceeding three years with the possibility of renewal.

  • Residence permit after completion of education

A graduate can apply for a visa for another year to look for a job, and if during this time he is not employed, he will be entitled to apply for a residence permit.

Having received a residence permit, you can

  • move with your family to Europe in just a few months
  • enjoy the opportunity to feel like a citizen of the world
  • travel with loved ones or on business projects without a visa to more than 150 countries
  • open and run your business in favorable economic conditions
  • take advantage of the favorable tax regime
  • protect yourself from political or economic shocks
  • use better quality medical services
  • to provide children with the opportunity to receive a high-quality European education and at the same time a start in a successful life

Our immigration specialists themselves, without intermediaries, prepare a package of documents for submission to the migration services of the country of your choice and stay in touch with you 24/7.